How to Take Care of Your Face When You’re Nearing Your 40s

How to Take Care of Your Face When You're Nearing Your 40s

40’s. Dang, can’t believe I’m writing a post about how to take care of your face when your nearing your 40’s. Ekk! Sounds more bad-ass if I say I’m almost at Level 40, right? But no complaints! 40 is the new 20!

My goal now is to make sure that I grow old gracefully (read: not just suddenly wilt and die) which is why I’m putting extra effort in taking care of my health. I started going to the gym last year (that’s on pause by the way), do yoga whenever I can at home (which means almost never) and eating healthy. READ MORE...

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids

Whoever thought that a mother would have to think of ways to make drinking milk fun for the kids? Who doesn’t love milk? Uhmm, my children, apparently.

If you have kids like mine who have developed a strong aversion to anything not chocolate, milk time can be a test of patience. My kids would prefer chocolate malt drinks anytime and whenever I serve them regular milk, they either say no or they don’t finish it. READ MORE...

Kiddie Summer Classes in Cebu

2017 Summer Classes in Cebu

Summer is finally here! I have listed down several available summer classes in Cebu because I am pretty sure that a lot of moms are already busy looking for activities that their kids can enjoy this season.

With about 2 months of no school, summer is a great time to introduce new things to the kids. Not only to help them find their real interests in life but it is also an opportunity for us parents to help them find activities  that can help develop their social, motor and cognitive skills. READ MORE...

Lucky Charms for Moms from Soufeel Jewelry

Lucky Charms for Moms

I am not superstitious but I won’t say no to lucky charms either! 😉

Aside from the so-called good luck and positive energy that they bring, they are a total eye-candy!

I’ve had the chance to review some of the lucky charms from SOUFEEL Jewelry in the past and I was ecstatic when they contacted me to review a new set! Yay! READ MORE...

Unique Gift Idea for Men

Looking for a unique gift idea for men

Looking for a unique gift idea for men?

I was given a chance to review a Snake Bite Keychain Bottle Opener and I think it makes a unique and a perfect gift for my husband.

For one, he loves beer and he is always traveling around for weddings and events photo shoots so I thought this would make a great addition to his travel essentials. READ MORE...

Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace for Kids

sterling silver personalized necklace- set

I have been wanting to give my daughter a sterling silver personalized necklace for a while now and I am finally giving her one on Valentine’s Day thanks to Get Personalized Jewelry!

Valentine’s Day is usually centered around couples, romance and all but it doesn’t mean that you can’t let the little ones in on the fun. This year my daughter is going to receive a sterling silver personalized necklace courtesy of If you have little girls at home, I am pretty sure that they would love to have one too! They have lots of beautiful and timeless pieces that your daughters will enjoy wearing them for years! READ MORE...

Yoga for Moms

Yoga for Moms

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling lethargic since forever and today was no exception. It has been days of unproductive existence and I am getting tired of feeling tired all the time. The other day, I woke up from an 8 hour sleep (a rare occurrence) and my body still felt like a log. It has happened. I am calcifying. I decided that I really needed a good stretching so I gathered my strength, wriggled my toes, stretched my arms, rolled over to my side and sighed. READ MORE...