Does your child always want to be the first?

My 6yo daughter isn’t the most graceful loser in the world. She gets mad, throws things or sulks in a corner whenever she loses in a game or when she’s having a hard time doing something. She’s the type of child who always wants to be the first in everything. Getting the first slice of cake, to get on the swing and yes, to win all the games that she and her brother play at home. When life isn’t in her favor? She gets mad. READ MORE...

Beyond the ABCs – Raising Kind Daughters

Raising Kind Daughters

I have a daughter and her name is Ysabelle. She’s 6 years old but she can’t read yet. Out of the 26 alphabets, she can only memorize 18 of them and that’s on a good day.

And my heart aches.

It pains me not because my daughter can’t read like other kids her age but mainly because I know how harsh and cruel the world can be to those, who society perceive as “different”. READ MORE...

Struggles of a Working Mother

I became a working mother when my son was still 7 months old, he’s 10 now which means I have already mastered this so-called work-life balance. A little.

Now, although I am hoping to be a work-at-home mom in the future, I kinda like my job right now. It helps put food on our table and it provides me and my family medical insurance which has been a great help to us ever since. But as we all know, all good things have its downsides and I’ve listed down some of what I’ve experienced as struggles of a working Mother. READ MORE...

6 ways Parenting is like Working in Customer Service

6 ways Parenting is like Working in Customer Service

Yep. Parenting is a lot like working in customer service. I started working in the BPO industry back in 2005 as a customer service representative. My son was still 7 months old then so you could say that my growth as a mother and as a career woman developed side by side.

After over 10 years, I can now say that my life as a mother and my life working in the customer service industry has amalgamated to some extent and I realized over time that dealing with customers and dealing with kids have so many similarities. READ MORE...

Dear Son

Dear Son - An Open letter to my 10yo Boy

Dear Son,

You are now 10 years old! Happy Birthday! I’m so excited for you!



Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. The reason why I’m writing is because I want to tell you a few things and I need you to listen. More importantly, I need you to remember these things long after I can no longer remind you. READ MORE...

Pushover Parenting – Why it needs to stop.

Pushover Parenting

Pushover parenting is getting the best of me.

I looked at my three year old as she held the pencil sharpener in one hand and the pencil on the other “Do you need help?” I asked. “No mom, me only. I do it.” Clumsily, she inserted the pencil into the little hole and started twisting.

Crunch……………………. crunch………………………. crunch it went.