Unique Pieces for Small Space Decorating

Small space decorating can be a challenge because aside from making sure that we do not end up making the area look smaller than it really is, we also have to think about making sure that every decoration piece will have other purposes aside from beautifying our homes. For me, if something takes up space in my home, it better serve a purpose other than being an eye candy. READ MORE...

To My Dear and Loving Husband

To My Dear and Loving Husband

To My Dear and Loving Husband,

I bet it wasn’t easy for you to have become a father so early, when the world was right in front of you for the taking, when life was a party and women and beer were aplenty. The choice between big bosomed women versus dirty diapers can be confusing but you chose to be a father and a good one at that. READ MORE...

Beyond the ABCs – Raising Kind Daughters

Raising Kind Daughters

I have a daughter and her name is Ysabelle. She’s 6 years old but she can’t read yet. Out of the 26 alphabets, she can only memorize 18 of them and that’s on a good day.

And my heart aches.

It pains me not because my daughter can’t read like other kids her age but mainly because I know how harsh and cruel the world can be to those, who society perceive as “different”. READ MORE...

Unique Gift Idea for Men

Looking for a unique gift idea for men

Looking for a unique gift idea for men?

I was given a chance to review a Snake Bite Keychain Bottle Opener and I think it makes a unique and a perfect gift for my husband.

For one, he loves beer and he is always traveling around for weddings and events photo shoots so I thought this would make a great addition to his travel essentials. READ MORE...

Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace for Kids

sterling silver personalized necklace- set

I have been wanting to give my daughter a sterling silver personalized necklace for a while now and I am finally giving her one on Valentine’s Day thanks to Get Personalized Jewelry!

Valentine’s Day is usually centered around couples, romance and all but it doesn’t mean that you can’t let the little ones in on the fun. This year my daughter is going to receive a sterling silver personalized necklace courtesy of www.getpersonalizedjewelry.com. If you have little girls at home, I am pretty sure that they would love to have one too! They have lots of beautiful and timeless pieces that your daughters will enjoy wearing them for years! READ MORE...

Struggles of a Working Mother

I became a working mother when my son was still 7 months old, he’s 10 now which means I have already mastered this so-called work-life balance. A little.

Now, although I am hoping to be a work-at-home mom in the future, I kinda like my job right now. It helps put food on our table and it provides me and my family medical insurance which has been a great help to us ever since. But as we all know, all good things have its downsides and I’ve listed down some of what I’ve experienced as struggles of a working Mother. READ MORE...