My 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes (That You Might be Doing Too!)

My 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes

“How old will you be when your youngest child turns 18 years old? “

I saw this question meme floating on Facebook several months ago and it has never left my mind because of a couple of reasons. 1. It reminded me that my husband and I are not getting any younger and 2.  I felt that we may not have enough time left to build a stable financial foundation for the kids before we leave this earth for good. READ MORE...

Positive Financial Habits for Kids

Positive Financial Habits for Kids - Tips for Parents

But I want it! I want to buy it! Just get money from the bank!

As soon as I heard those words come out from my 6 year-old daughter’s mouth, I felt like a failure as a mother. Where did I go wrong? Whose entitled kid is this? And I thought that we had this  type of behavior where she throws a fit whenever she doesn’t get what she wants all worked out. Sigh. READ MORE...

Live Brighter with Sun Life- Be a Financial Advisor Today!

Sun Life Financial Advisor

Sun Life Financial launched the #LiveBrighter campaign here in Cebu City at the Parklane International Hotel last October 18, 2017 to encourage and inform millennials and the not so young ones how to be a Sun Life Advisor. Attended by Sun Life Financial advisors, young professionals, bloggers and invited guests, the forum was a great avenue for learning as to how a career in Sun Life as an advisor can help Filipinos, young and not so young alike, build a thriving occupation while advocating financial literacy in the country at the same time. READ MORE...

Gaining Confidence Through Power Dressing

Overcoming Shyness with Power Dressing

Dress practices have evolved over time because of many reasons like protection from the weather and environment, societal and religious reasons, and cultural influences. For me however, fashion and clothing preferences go beyond these factors. More than how people perceive us to be by how we look, dressing up affects how we see ourself as a person and how we behave (Adam Galinsky, 2012). READ MORE...

Mom Code – Text Abbreviations for Moms

Mom Code - Text Abbreviations for Moms

You know how hard it is for us moms to keep up and connect with our BFFs outside our child-infested houses, right? What with running after kids, housework and the endless meals, we all resort to Facebook, Twitter or text messaging (hurriedly, if I may say so) just to be able to catch up with each other. And sometimes we even forget to respond because damn kids just won’t stop whining/crying/asking to be fed! Well, worry no more, I have come up with easy to memorize mom codes to help us get our messages across with the least number of taps (so we can go back to running after our naked toddlers). Enjoy! READ MORE...

Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids

Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and I have the perfect round-up of Christmas ornaments to make with the kids!

Are you excited for the Holidays? Here in our country, Christmas season starts in September so some of the malls here are already decked with Christmas decorations. For me, I like DIY-ing Christmas decors and ornaments because it gives me and the kids a chance to bond and have quality time. I remember doing the same thing with my mom when I was a kid! She would always come up with unique decorating ideas. I remember this one time when we had this weird but awesome looking Christmas tree made from coconut husk! It was definitely a conversation starter whenever we had guests. READ MORE...

SM celebrates Kids’ Month in 64 malls nationwide!


SM Supermalls unboxes new happenings for kids and kids at heart this October with the launch of Kids’ Month in 64 malls nationwide. At a media launch titled SM Super Kids Day held last October 1 held at SM City Fairview, the retail giant announced a season packed with fun-filled celebrations especially designed for kids like United Nations Day and the well-loved Halloween. READ MORE...