Cleaner Air At Home with Lampe Berger

Cleaner Air At Home with Lampe Berger - Feature

My family and I are currently renting a 10+ year-old apartment right smack in the middle of an urban jungle. Although it means easy access to work, school and supermarkets, the main challenge that we face on a daily basis is how to eliminate or reduce indoor air pollution especially that my kids and husband have asthma. But not anymore! I am now assured that we breathe cleaner air at home with Lampe Berger. READ MORE...

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids

Whoever thought that a mother would have to think of ways to make drinking milk fun for the kids? Who doesn’t love milk? Uhmm, my children, apparently.

If you have kids like mine who have developed a strong aversion to anything not chocolate, milk time can be a test of patience. My kids would prefer chocolate malt drinks anytime and whenever I serve them regular milk, they either say no or they don’t finish it. READ MORE...