Denim Outfit Inspirations for Moms

Denim Outfit Inspirations for Moms

Before I start talking about outfit inspirations over here, allow me to confess in advance that I’m no fashion mom. As a matter of fact, my office mates tease me about my fashion sense or the lack of it. What can I say, I’m a “whatever’s on top of the drawer” kind of girl because, I’m lazy like that. The idea about denim outfit inspirations for moms came about when I attended the Style Lab with Kryz Uy at SM Seaside City a couple of weeks ago. READ MORE...

Making the Most out of Summer- #FamFirstAtSM

Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

Summer can be especially hard for working moms.

For me? This is when the guilt goes on overdrive because you want them to have the best summer ever but you have to go to work because there are bills to pay, and people at home do not stop eating just because it’s summer.

At home, I am mommy, household manager, school projects reminder, advocate of regular brushing of teeth and financial adviser to small children. READ MORE...