5 Everyday Hairstyles for Working Moms

veryday Hairstyles for Working Moms

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Any working mom can relate when I say that fixing your hair for work on a daily basis can be so burdensome. What with all the things that we have to do before we go about and make a living, styling your hair can be the least of our worries! But it does pay to look like a presentable human being especially if you have to report to the office on a daily basis. When you like how you look, you feel more confident! If you are like me who does not have time for complicated hairstyles, below are simple Monday-Friday hairstyles for working moms!

Everyday Office Hairstyles for Working Moms

Monday – French braid

French braid in my opinion is such an easy way to make any look put together. Even with minimal to no accessories, a well done (or purposely messy!) french braid can give a feminine touch to your overall look.

Office Hairstyles For Working Moms - Braid

Tuesday – Half ponytail

Great for those times when you have nothing but 2 minutes left before you drag your butt out the door. Looks pretty especially if you use a cute or fancy scrunchie.

Office Hairstyles For Working Moms - Half ponytail

Wednesday – Mom Bun

This is my favorite hairstyle. I like my hair kept away from my face because I have a very oily t-zone and I don’t like it when my hair keeps touching my face. I think it looks good on anyone!

Office Hairstyles For Working Moms - Mom Bun

Thursday – Classic Ponytail

If you know me personally, you would know that next to the mom bun, this is my go-to hairstyle. I think it makes anyone look younger. Although the hair is kept, this hairstyle still gives you that soft and wispy look.

Office Hairstyles For Working Moms - Classic Ponytail

Friday- Long and Straight

You earned it! Let your hair down and ready for a Friday night date after work! There’s something about silky long locks that makes women look more sophisticated. Got short hair? No problem! You can use human hair lace front wigs from Black Hairspray.

Black Hairspray is a leading e-commerce company and they offer different types of wigs and hair-care products. Their products are perfect for beauticians, students, cos-players and working mothers who want to vary their hairstyles but got no time!

Office Hairstyles For Working Moms - Wig

There! Your easy Monday to Friday hairstyle ideas! You can switch them up from time to time! How about you? What’s your favorite office hairstyle?

Office Hairstyles For Working Moms

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  1. I always have my hair straight (kasi nirerebond) because if not, ang kapal and super wavy hehe. Pero pag wala ng effect yung rebond, nagpapabbraid ako and the classic ponytail 🙂

  2. Friday hair everyday! Lol! But once I get down and dirty with finishing all tasks at work, I put my hair up ina messy bun. Meaning no comb needed! LOL!

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