5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kid Join the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

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My daughter and I received an invite to join the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop in North Reclamation last April 15 and we happily accepted! We love McDonald’s so there was no way we would say no and I’m so glad that we went because she had  blast! I think all the kids who joined the workshop had fun especially that Ronald made a special appearance and did a dance number with them.

During the workshop, the kids were divided into groups and they took turns in decorating/folding happy meal boxes, served orders at the counter and made their own cheese burgers. Donned in their bright red uniforms and aprons, the kids looked so legit as McDonald’s crew members!

If you are looking for a fun and learning activity for your kids this summer, the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop will be a great choice.

Here are 5 reasons why:

5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kid Join the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop1. They Learn Values Through Play.

Organized play is a good avenue for kids to build their self worth and at the same time, it can also help children identify their own capabilities as they interact with others. The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop does not just give kids hours of fun but since all activities are guided, they learn to listen to instructions and to follow rules. It can also present lots of opportunities for them to assist the smaller children, thereby developing the value of helping others.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop - The Graduates

2. Builds their Confidence

During the activities, the parents of the older kids will have to take a back-seat and simply observe the children as they complete their tasks on their own and this can greatly help them develop their confidence. I was surprised to see my kid interact with the customers and other adults in the venue. She normally takes time to warm up but I was so happy to see her getting out of her comfort zone!

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop - Counter Duties

3 .Helps Kids Build Social Skills

Before and during each activity, the kids are properly given sets of instructions which helps the children develop important social skills like how to observe proper-turn taking and how to cooperate with others.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop-Drive Thru

4. Encourages Team Work

Some of the tasks are completed as a group where they need to work with other kids. This kind of activity can help enable them to switch from thinking only about their own work to communicating and interacting with others. This setting can help children get that sense of belongingness that is a vital human need.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop-Happy Meal Box Station

5. Helps Kids Identify Their Strengths and Potentials

During the workshop, the kids, especially the older ones, are encouraged to do things on their own. Completing each task unassisted can help children realize what they are capable of doing which can help develop independence. My daughter was so proud that she was able to fix a cheeseburger on her own!

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop - Burger Making Station

These are just some of the benefits that your children can get out of the workshop. Plus, they will definitely have loads of fun which makes it a great summer activity.

Interested in enrolling you kids? Check the details below!


Weekday workshop Weekend workshop
Week 4: April 23-27 Week 3: April 21-22
Week 5: April 30-27 Week 4: April 28-29
Week 6: May 7-11 Week 5: May 5-6
Week 7: May 14-18 Week 6: May 12-13
Week 8: May 21-25 Week 7: May 19-20
Week 9: May 28-Jun 1 Week 8: May 26-27
Week 10: Jun 4-8 Week 9: June 2-3
Week 11: Jun 11-15 Week 10: June 9-10
Week 12: Jun 18-22 Week 11: June 16-17


Workshop details

Open to kids aged 6-12 years old. If you want to enroll your kids aged 4-5 years old, you must provide a letter of intent addressed to the store’s Restaurant Manager and the kids should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all days of the workshop.

Registration Fees (Inclusive of workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat, and daily meals):

Weekday workshop is P695
Weekend workshop is P595

To register, just visit your nearest participating branch or any McDonald’s store of your preference.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop - Making Burgers

Disclaimer: We attended the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop for free. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this! As my own kids absolutely love McDonald’s and even written about this on my blog in the past. Will have to see if they have events similar locally here now. Thanks for sharing, Jhanis 🙂

  2. And she looks so cute in the uniform! I’ve never heard of these but I’ll look into seeing if they do that in New England. That would be cool!

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