Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas (That New Moms Will Love and Use!)

catalog Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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My family and I went to Iligan City for a 2-week vacation and I met my newest nephew for the first time! There’s something about babies that really brings out the softie in you, right? It reminded me of the days when my kids were still babies! Oh, my gosh the tiny fingers and toes! The yawn! So sweet! However, I also saw how tired my sister in law was especially when the baby wouldn’t stop crying unless it was her carrying him. It reminded me of how hard it can be for the new mom to take care of a tiny one on the first few months that I decided to talk about baby items on the blog today. These I believe are some of most useful baby products that any new mom would love to receive during the baby shower. Even if the baby shower is done, these cool baby gifts will make a mother’s life so much easier!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas That New Moms Will Love!

Baby Rockers

Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

I never really thought of a baby rocker as an essential item until I experienced those crazy days when my daughter would not stop crying unless I carried her. Zero things done in the house because I had to hold her most of the time! My back pain was unbearable some days. A quality baby rocker would be a huge help during the first months of a new mom’s life. The rocking motion of baby rockers can help soothe the baby allowing the mom to rest her arms once in a while.

Investing in an ideal baby rocker is very important though because you want the baby to be secured. What’s good about baby rockers is that they are set on the floor making it safe to use. Most of the rockers these days come with additional features like play music or vibrate options. Take a look at some of the best baby rockers from checkpregnancy, they come with some toys (which are attached properly) to promote wonderful play time between the mom and the baby.

Things to consider when buying a baby rocker

Sounds, lights, and toys – makes sure that the rocker doesn’t produce very loud sounds and the toys should be colorful to help aid vision development.
Seat – Make sure that the seat is comfortable and secure.
Power Source -Some rockers work mechanically while some run on batteries.
Portability – Choose one that is simple and lightweight so that the new mom won’t have a hard time moving it from one room to another. Quick reminder though, never carry a baby while in the rocker!
Safety – Make sure that the rocker you are getting is made from quality materials, has the correct harness system, has a solid base and rubber tips.
Style – Rockers are available in fabric patterns in fun colors.

Infant Nipple Pacifier


Any seasoned mom will tell you that taking a baby’s temperature can be quite a task especially when the baby is fussy. An infant nipple pacifier will make sick days so much easier for new moms! We all know that despite all efforts to keep the booboos away, there will be times when the baby will get sick and this is one of the hardest things that a mom will have to go through. If we can only shield them from all the germs in the world! Sadly, we can’t and the only thing we can do is to keep them healthy and strong as best as we can and make those days comfy for the baby and easy on the mom. An infant nipple pacifier will help any new mom take her baby’s temperature with ease.

Portable Changing Mat for Infants

A 6-day old baby can wet up to 8 diapers a day. Let’s not count the number of times they poop since most will go number two after every feeding. Tiring, I know. Countless of diaper changes which is okay if you are just at home all the time until they are potty trained, but hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Sometimes we need to run to the supermarket to buy, guess what? Diapers! And lots of other things that babies need! And then there’s the wellness check-up! How about that brunch with friends? A mom’s world continues to turn even if she just gave birth, She’ll just have a tiny companion most of the time moving forward and one thing that can help her in this stage is a portable changing mat that she can use whenever needed.

Compact Photo Printer

According to studies, new moms take about 245,987 photos of her baby during the first year. I kid. There are no studies. I based that on my own personal experience. Ha! I did not count but I know I took gazillions of photos when my kids were still babies. I still take lots of photos until now even if they are older but do you know how many made it to print? Uhmm 2? And only because they were school requirements. Sad. I know. But moms have zero time to run to the photo store to get things printed out. What with all the feeding, diaper changes and feeding again, who has time? A compact photo printer is going to be cherished at any point of of mother’s life! Trust me on this one! I fear for the day when Facebook and Instagram will decide to shut down because that’s where all my kids’ photos are saved! Remember Friendster?! *facepalm

Portable Baby Bath Tub

Giving a tiny baby a bath is scary the first few times. I remember running to a nearby maternity clinic when my baby was a few days old because I had a hard time giving him a bath. A kind midwife showed me how to do it without dropping the baby. A sturdy baby bath tub totally helped. When choosing one, make sure that it can be easily drained, cleaned and stored. Also make sure that it is made of quality materials and sturdy. Most importantly, it should have a nice ergonomic design for a nice comfort bathing like this Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub.


Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience but it is also one of the hardest. If you know someone who is about to have a baby or just had  baby, lend a hand. Offer to help in any way you can. And if you are looking for something to give a mom and her new baby a gift, these I think are some of the uncommon but best baby gifts for baby showers. Any of these will be cherished and appreciated by any new mom!

Can you think of any other great baby shower gifts? Share them with me in the comments!

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas (That New Moms Will Love and Use!) - Catalog

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