Best Coffee Substitute for Me – Barlico Review

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I am a caffeine-powered working mom. I drink so much coffee on a daily basis that my body is now immune to it’s effects. If people drink coffee to stay awake, I drink a cup of coffee so I can go to sleep.

Coffee has a lot of health benefits but when overly consumed, it also has negative side effects to your body like irregular heartbeat, hyper-acidity, and anxiety. Unfortunately, the copious amount of coffee that I consume has taken a toll on my body. One thing that I noticed is that I am now experiencing body tremors and because of this, I have been trying to cut back on my consumption.

One thing that has helped me reduce my coffee intake is Barlico. Barlico offers a line of barley and chicory-based instant coffee substitutes are 100% caffeine free and are made from all-natural ingredients, making them a health-conscious alternative for individuals whose health conditions and preferences limit their caffeine consumption.

Barlico - best substitute

Barlico - best substitute

Barlico - best substitute

Barlico - best substitute

Barley and Chicory Instant Coffee Substitute

  • Dark, roasted, and robust taste similar to coffee
  • Low-calorie
  • Unsweetened
  • 100g glass jar

This is my favorite among all the Barlico products. I love brewed coffee and the Barley and Chicory Instant Coffee Substitute gives me the right amount of acidity and bitterness that I look for in coffee. The aroma is totally satisfying, too! Despite the fact that it does not contain caffeine, each sip gives me the kick that I get from coffee but without the negative side effects.

What I do to reduce, coffee consumption is that I drink coffee in tje morning to wake me up then switch to Barlico for my mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, and late evening cup. That way, I still get the satisfaction from the taste because it tastes just like brewed coffee and enjoying the health benefits of barley and chicory.

3-in-1 : Barley and chicory + Non Dairy Creamer & Sugar

  • 100% Caffeine Free
  • Only 86 calories per serving
  • Convenient for home, office, and school use
  • Sweetened
  • Box of 12 8gr sticks

This one tastes just like my favorite 3-in-one coffee minus the overly sweet taste which is very good.

Barley and Chicory Instant Hot Chocolate

  • Only 132.5 calories per serving
  • Can be served to small children
  • Creamy and rich
  • Sweetened
  • Box of 8 30g sticks

Another favorite. OMG, this tastes so rich! Like a real chocolate drink! My kids love this a lot but I find myself reaching for this at least once a day because it’s so creamy and velvety and so delicious. You have to try this!

Other Barlico Product that I haven’t tried but excited to:

Cappuccino: Barley and Chicory Coffee Substitute + Foam Creamer

  • Only 70 calories per serving
  • Convenient for home, office, and school use
  • Mildly sweetened
  • Box of 10 18.5gr sticks

Overall, I love all the Barlico products that I have already tried and I totally recommend them to those who are looking for a great coffee substitute.

You can get Barlico products from major supermarkets nationwide or you can also order directly from their website.

Check them out on Facebook for more details!

Best Coffee Substitute for Me - Barlico Review

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned on this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation received.

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