A New Mom’s Guide to Choosing the Best Diaper for Baby

pampers baby dry newborn - choosing the best diaper for your baby

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Let me start by saying that because I have always been cheap frugal, my kids were usually in their underwear or wore cloth diapers when they were still babies/toddlers. It was just more practical for me that way especially if we were just at home. They only wore diapers if we had to go somewhere like to the doctor’s and during night time.

Being a mother for over 13 years now, I thought I already came cross all the mom hacks and tips when it comes to raising kids and babies but I learned something new when I attended the Pambers Baby Dance Party. It was discussed during the forum that diapers, specifically those that get bulky in between the babies’ legs when full, can cause gait disruptions and can affect walking proficiency.
pampers baby dry newborn - choosing the best diaper for your baby - cebu launch
pampers baby dry newborn - choosing the best diaper for your baby - kids and toddlers

They presented a study that showed how saggy diapers can interfere with the baby’s gait and foot placement as they learn to how to walk and I was surprised because this never crossed my mind when my kids were still small! But it totally makes sense! Back then, I never really gave it much thought. Saggy or lawlaw diapers for me just meant they are overdue for a diaper change. #momfail

I’m just happy to share this knowledge with my fellow moms especially those with babies or toddlers. Choosing the right diaper for your baby can be confusing with the many brands in the market so below are my list of things you need to check before you go diaper-shopping.

From one mother to another, here’s my new mom’s guide to choosing the best diaper for baby!

1. Diapers should allow the baby more freedom to move whether they are at the crawling or learning to walk stage. It should fit snugly but shouldn’t restrict the baby’s movements because as mentioned above, lawlaw or bulky diaper does not only feel uncomfortable but it can also affect the baby’s gait.

2. It should be super absorbent and doesn’t leak even if the baby moves around a lot. Wet diapers can cause skin irritations which can be a problem when left unchecked. Better be on the safe side and choose a diaper that absorbs wetness fast so your baby can sleep or play comfortably.

3. Affordable and cost-effective. When I say affordable, I mean do not just go with the cheapest one you find in the market thinking it can help you save money. Remember to look for quality diapers that can give your baby more hours of skin dryness without the need for a change because this will ultimately be more affordable and cost-effective in the long run.

4. Gentle and protects the skin. Look for one that has a soft cotton-like cover to reduce skin friction and allows baby’s skin to breath comfortably. Avoid using those with plastic like covers. At all cost! Trust me on this one!

One trusted diaper meets all these and the good news is that this well-loved brand has made their diaper even better.
pampers baby dry newborn - choosing the best diaper for your baby - newborn baby diaper

Pampers Baby Dry diapers now comes with 3 magic channels that allows wetness to be distributed evenly to avoid the diaper from sagging in the middle. The magic channels Pampers Baby Dry up to 3x more absorbent to minimize pee contact with skin.

It still has that soft cottony cover that moms and babies’ love to ensure hours of comfort. Remember that a happy baby means happy mommy!

There is no hard rule when it comes to choosing the best diaper for your baby, different babies have different needs but I can say that I have trusted and have been satisfied with Pampers Baby Dry when my kids were still babies. I have tried so many brands in the market for trial and error but Pampers Baby Dry have never let me down even for the long travels that we took in the past. I just wish that the multi channels were already a Pampers Baby Dry feature back then!

How about you? What other diaper tips can you give to new moms? And as always, questions and comments are always welcome!

PS. No baby in the house? Diapers make great baby shower gifts! So you might want to consider it if you’re shopping for a friend who’s expecting

Choosing the Best Diaper for Baby - New Mom's Guide
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