Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids

Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids

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Christmas is just around the corner and I have the perfect round-up of Christmas ornaments to make with the kids!

Are you excited for the Holidays? Here in our country, Christmas season starts in September so some of the malls here are already decked with Christmas decorations. For me, I like DIY-ing Christmas decors and ornaments because it gives me and the kids a chance to bond and have quality time. I remember doing the same thing with my mom when I was a kid! She would always come up with unique decorating ideas. I remember this one time when we had this weird but awesome looking Christmas tree made from coconut husk! It was definitely a conversation starter whenever we had guests.

Sooo… Ready to get crafty? Below are some of the easiest (and fun to make!) Christmas ornaments that you can start making now! Have fun!

Mice Christmas Ornament from Mosswood Connections

Look at how cute these are and you only need 4 materials! These will make nice looking tree ornaments or you can also just place them on your mantle or coffee table!

Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids - Mice Ornament
(c) http://mosswoodconnections.com

Snowman Craft by Maple Mouse Mama

Original tutorial calls for tongue depressors but I have a stack of Popsicle sticks somewhere in the house and I plan to use those instead. I’m very excited to start making these with the kids.

Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids - Popsicle Snowman Craft
(c) http://maplemousemama.com

Scented Pine Cones by The Koala Mom

If you have pine trees around your neighborhood then you have to make these scented pine cones. Not only do they look so Christmasy, they will make your house smell awesome! You can use any essential oil scent of your preference.

Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids - Scented Pine Cones
(c) https://thekoalamom.com

Beaded Star Ornaments by the Untrained Housewife

A quick and mess-free craft that even small kids can make! Plus, you will only need two things and create any design! Will definitely help stir up the creativity of your little ones!

Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids - Beaded Start Ornaments
(c) http://untrainedhousewife.com

Festive Christmas Candles from To Bring Together blog

Love, love, love these decorated candles! Imagine lining up a few of these on your mantle! You have the free rein on the design so feel free to unleash your creativity! Just make sure that the kids do not light them if there’s no supervising adult!

Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids - Festive Christmas Candles
(c) http://tobringtogether.com

Christmas Ornaments to Make with the Kids

So there, 5 fun and easy Christmas ornaments to make with the kids! Should I stumble upon other awesome (but tiny finger-friendly) crafts, I’ll make to add them over here!  What about you? Do you have a favorite Christmas craft? Share them with me in the comments!

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