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Cleaner Air At Home with Lampe Berger - Feature

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My family and I are currently renting a 10+ year-old apartment right smack in the middle of an urban jungle. Although it means easy access to work, school and supermarkets, the main challenge that we face on a daily basis is how to eliminate or reduce indoor air pollution especially that my kids and husband have asthma. But not anymore! I am now assured that we breathe cleaner air at home with Lampe Berger.

Lampe Berger invited a few Cebu-based bloggers to the Lampe Berger’s Bloggers Conference last Saturday and I’m so glad I went! I learned a lot about how to keep air at home clean and free from bacteria without resorting to harmful household products. Although sprays help in killing harmful bacteria in the air, researchers claim that most air fresheners and anti-bacterial sprays in the market contain chemicals that can cause several health problems like diarrhea and headaches.

Cleaner Air At Home with Lampe Berger

How Does it Work?

Catalytic Oxidation
Lampe Berger cleans the air with its AIR PR System 3C(R) burner. This is an innovative system that cleanses the air in your home and provides long-lasting fragrance. The catalytic burner and the heat generated from it attracts odor-causing molecules including airborne germs and bacteria, breaks them down and prevents them from recombining.

Aside from eliminating bacteria, Lampe Berger can also improve the overall air quality in your home because it also decomposes second hand smoke and increases the oxygen level.

Since my kids are asthmatic, I am happy that it also helps get rid of dust-mites which is the most common indoor allergen! Bonus? Lampe Berger is an effective insect repellent like mosquitoes, ants and fleas among others.

So don’t be fooled by its pretty looks, Lampe Berger is a tough and mean cleaning machine.


Cleaner Air At Home with Lampe Berger - Coffret Bingo

Is it Safe?

Unlike scented candles, Lampe Berger does not need an open flame for it to work. You only need to ignite the lamp for two minutes then blow it out. The lamp will then clean the air for hours. In fact, you only need about 20 minutes’ per 10 sq.m then you can turn it off by putting the stopper or snuffer cap back on and it will continue to work.  It was all we needed to make our small  home smell like a million bucks.

What I do is that I prep the lamp while I’m getting ready for bed then I just put the snuffer cap back on right before I go to sleep. But since Lampe Berger fragrances contain alcohol, please take extra precaution when it comes to storage and keep them away from kids and pets!

*post contains affiliate links

Coffret Bingo - Cleaner Air At Home with Lampe Berger

But I get headaches from strong scents!

Do certain scents trigger your migraine? I get you. People who bathe in perfume give me sensory assault. It triggers a debilitating headache that leaves me unable to function for hours that’s why I was quite hesitant about giving Lampe Berger a try.

I was gifted a Lampe Berger Coffrete Bingo at the event which came with Amber Elegance fragrance but I did not use it right away. I asked fellow blogger friends about the scent first before I decided to take my lamp out of the box. Thankfully, the Lampe Berger Élégance Ambrée scent is so mild. No headache and I slept like a baby! My family can tell you that it takes me at least 2 hours to relax and fall asleep. That’s 2 hours AFTER I went to bed. When we used our Lampe Berger at home, my husband told me that I was knocked out in just a matter of 5 minutes. Hallelujah!

Lampe Berger offers a lot of purifying scents to choose from and you can always ask for the mildest scent. Also, they have the Neutre Essential which purifies the air without releasing any frangrance. You can also use it to dilute any fragrance to make the scent milder.

Lampe Berger PH Cebu store will finally open on August 21 in Ayala!

Excited to get your own Lampe Berger? They are finally opening their Cebu store this coming August 21 in Ayala Center Cebu! This makes it easier for Cebuanos to purchase their own Lampe Berger lamps and purifying scents as well as lamp parts.

Currently, you can purchase Lampe Berger items from their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for promos and updates.

For my US readers, you can get them through Amazon. 🙂

How about you? Do you use fragrance lamps at home? What do you like about it? Share them in the comments with me!

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the items mentioned above for this feature, no other compensation was received. The opinions expressed here represent my own.

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  1. I am so checking this out on Amazon now as my older daughter is also asthmatic. She is allergic, as well, to dust mites. So this may come in handy for her. Thanks Jhanis so much for sharing this here!!

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