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Lovingly Signed- Personalized Baby Gifts (1)

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I think I have the baby fever because I find myself looking at personalized baby gifts these days! Ha! I’m blaming this on my cute nephew baby Andrei. Such a cutie! He makes me miss those days when my kids were still babies! You know how it is when your kids are older, right? It makes you dream of those days when they were still cute little bundles of joy. Oh, well.

I remember looking for baby stuff back then and it was so hard to find personalized items! If you are from the UK or the US, I’m pretty sure you did not experience this but for us over here and for so many moms around Asia, finding quality but affordable gifts for babies was quite hard.

One company saw this baby gifting dilemma that they decided to bring together the cutest and the most beautiful baby items from around the globe, personalize them with your chosen name and sends them directly to your door in beautiful signature gift boxes. From Singapore with Love!

Personalized Baby Gifts - Delivery and Gift Wrap (1)

Lovingly Signed makes it easy for moms (and friends!) to celebrate  the coming of a new baby. Whether it’s for a baby shower, a baby announcement, or even baby’s first birthday or Christmas with their wide range of luxury personalized gift items.

They have soft Hospital to Home gift sets as well as cute blanket and towels. Just take a look at some of their available gift sets. Aren’t they the cutest? Only the best for baby!
Personalized Baby Gifts - Hospital to Home Gift Sets (1)

They also have some of the most beautiful soft toys and plushies! If these do not induce the baby fever in you, I do not know what will! Personalized Baby Gifts - Soft Toys for Babies (1)

I’ve also fallen in love with their luxurious robes and bibs! Any mom or baby would love to receive any of these!Personalized Baby Gifts - Robes and Bibs (1) Personalized Baby Gifts (1)

Lovingly Signed also carry items that grow along with your baby like backpacks, soothers, storage bags and even books!

All their gift sets have all been lovingly put together creating the perfect combination of all things a new mom and baby could ever need to celebrate their first year of life. This is a special stage after all. The beautiful box that carry the items are so beautiful, you can reuse them as memory, keepsake box for later. They can hold your baby’s photos or tokens from their babyhood which you can then give to them once they’ve grown.

Personalized Baby Gifts - Lovingly Signed (1)

Lovingly Signed ships free of charge for all orders to be delivered in Singapore and  will ship anywhere in the world for orders worth SGD $25+, and for FREE if your basket exceeds SGD $250. How cool is that?

To choose personalized baby gifts, just visit their website and create an account to take advantage of order tracking and history as well as pre-filled forms during checkout on subsequent orders. Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well to stay updated with new items and promos!

And did I mention that you can get FREE Pregnancy Milestone Cards and FREE Baby Milestone Cards on their website? Better hurry though as they only have a limited number to give away!

Lovingly Signed Personalized Baby Gifts

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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