Dear Santa

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

How are you doing?

I know you might be very busy already since Christmas is just around the corner and I can imagine that North Pole is in full swing by now. Letters might have started to trickle in, I know this because my son already sent his.

Do you know that you still owe me that BMX bike I so fervently asked from you a million years ago? Yeah, but let’s forget about that. It was a good thing that you never sent me that gift because knowing what I know about me now, I could have easily just crashed it into a wall or fell off a cliff with it, just like what I did with my neighbor’s bike. Good thing it wasn’t my bicycle, huh?

Anyway, this letter isn’t about that, I’m too old to be asking for a bike anyway. I am writing about a little request and I hope you won’t think this is too much of me to ask.

Dear Santa - An open letter in behalf of the Filipino Children

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines a couple of weeks back. I think  you have and I am writing on behalf of all the parents and children out here.

In all your busyness these days, I beg you not to forget about the hundreds of Filipino children who were affected by the typhoon Haiyan.

Many of them are already gone and won’t be able to celebrate Christmas anymore and those who survived might not even remember to write you at all.  They will be longing for their mothers and fathers and the rest of their lost family members so there is a good chance that they may not even think about you in the next coming days.

There won’t be Christmas trees in many of the houses over here. Uhmm, there won’t be as many houses where there used to be in some areas even.

So please Santa, don’t forget about them even if they will fail to send you a letter and I hope you wont mind if they wont have cookies and milk prepared for you this Christmas.

Kindly pass through Visayas with your brightest headlights on. You might easily mistake the area as an inhabited land because there won’t be Christmas lights or socks that blink to signal that a child is waiting for you. But there will be a child waiting for you. Hundreds of them.

I am not sure how to make their Christmas Holidays better. How do you make Christmas better for people who have just lost everything? I’m not very good in stuff like this, I’m so sorry.

I’m merely human and things like these can overwhelm a mother’s heart.

Do you know that Filipino children love Christmas carols? They sing it with all their hearts even if they do not understand some of the words. They even change the lyrics sometimes.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the ways.
Oh what pan itistoray inawanors openslee hey!”

That never fails to make me smile. I hope you won’t take offense. What they lack in diction, they make up in passion. That should at least count, right?

I’ve been thinking about telling my son the truth about you. I think you know what I’m talking about.

But then, this catastrophe happened. And you know what? Right now, all I wish for with all of my heart, all I really really wish for, is that somehow, you are somewhere out there, reading this letter. Please be real. Just this once. For the Filipino children.

And I will forget about that damn BMX bike.



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