Dear Son

Dear Son - An open letter to my 10 year old son

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Dear Son,

You are now 10 years old! Happy Birthday! I’m so excited for you!



Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. The reason why I’m writing is because I want to tell you a few things and I need you to listen. More importantly, I need you to remember these things long after I can no longer remind you.

In a few years you shall enter the teenage years, then a few more and you shall enter adulthood. I am both excited and scared. Excited because there is so much to do out there! All you need is to find out what you are most passionate about and go for it.

However, I am also scared because I know it won’t be all happy and fun. Some days will feel like shit. Some days it will feel like shit being run over by a tank. The good thing is, no bad thing lasts forever.

You have the capacity to choose happiness. No matter what you come across with, good or bad, how you come out in the end depends on you.

Being the only woman in this world who can love you like no other (and no matter what your future-wife will say, I will love you just a bit more than she ever can), I have a few things to tell you, to help you along the way and hopefully guide you through this life even after I’m gone.

Always be man. I’m talking about standing up for what’s right. About keeping your word. About honesty, honor and integrity.

Dear Son

When you grow up, you will learn that not everything and everyone in the world is kind. Be one.

If you ever have kids in the future, either planned or not, whether you and the mother end up together or not, you will take care of your kids. Non negotiable. It does not matter if you need to take up 4 jobs to support them, YOU WILL support them. It does not matter if you get very little to no sleep, you will spend time with them. This by the way is not a guide. It’s an order. So if you’re not ready for fatherhood…. I’ll leave this topic to your dad. I’ll have him talk to you in a few years.

Never be embarrassed to apologize. If you are in the wrong, swallow your pride, admit your fault and apologize. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Always remember that when you commit the same mistake twice, it’s already a choice. And if you choose to do the wrong things over and over, you sir, shall become a fucking cactus. The sharpest of all pricks.

Forgive. This is better said than done but life is going to be a whole lot harder if you let hate and anger reside in your heart.

The world does not revolve around you. If you are having a bad day, do not expect the world to be kinder. If you are at the top of your game, pull others up. Celebration is more meaningful when shared with others.

Take care of your sister the same way I expect her to take care of you. When mom and dad are too old to take care of you guys, I will need you to take care of each other.

Know when to stand your ground and when to turn away. Choose your battles wisely. Some of them are not going to be worth your time, while some needs to be taken to heart. Always decide with a sound mind.

Marry the right woman. Not the right woman according to me (groan), dad, your friends, or the society but marry the right woman FOR YOU. More importantly, make the relationship right for both of you.

Never hit a woman. A man who hits a woman is the weakest of all weakling.

Never kiss a woman without her permission.

Stay compassionate and never lose that kind heart.

Work hard and work smart.


Be fair.

Be strong.

Be compassionate.

Be a good son but most importantly, be a good follower of Christ.

I love you beyond the farthest star.



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  1. What a fantastically beautiful letter that brought tears! My own sUn is about to be 6 next month and I have already been telling him the importance of “choosing happiness” ~it’s become so ingrained that he suggests it to his school friends and the teachers remark to me about it regularly. I love the way you’ve lovingly laid so much out for him ~in writing. He will always have it to refer to. <3 I see this was actually written 2 years ago ~I'm curious, has he had to whip it out yet or have you had to remind him of any of the content?

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