Hair Care Tips for Children

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours

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If we’re friends on Facebook, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen me post something about my daughter’s crazy hair. I mean, she has this long, beautiful and curly hair that can get CRAZY at times especially in the morning. I know that a lot of moms can relate to what I’m talking about, that’s why I’m sharing these hair care tips for children. They work for adults too!

I’ve spent money buying hair brushes that promised “no-more-tangles” in a jiffy but no matter how softly I try to fix my daughter’s hair, it usually ends up with my daughter begging me to stop because her scalp is already painful from all the brushing and pulling. You remember your mom doing that to you when you were a kid, right? LOL

As a mom, I still haven’t fully mastered the art of 6AM to 8AM parenting so the daily struggle in taming her hair usually leaves us running late for school.

See this?

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours

This is what I have to work with every single morning.

And this.

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours


Can’t we just skip to the lovely soft and wavy part?!

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours

I’m just glad that over the years, I have found ways and means to lessen our “hairy” situation every morning because OMG, I can’t, anymore! LOL

Below are just a few hair care tips for children in case we are on the same boat!

Hair Care Tips for Children

We ditch the shampoo every other day. 
My daughter has soft curls that’s the envy of many ladies but like with most curly tops, her hair tends to be dry on the ends and shampooing often leaves her hair more stripped of its natural oils so the tips feel squeakily dry.  So we skip the shampoo most days of the week but we use conditioner on her hair everyday.

Coconut Oil
I massage her scalp with coconut oil on weekends. Coconut oil works great in hydrating hair and can help in reducing breakage. She doesn’t like the smell though. LOL

Comb wet hair with TLC
Treat wet hair with tender loving and care because they are fragile and careless pulling and tugging can cause breakage which can be damaging, causing split ends.

Avoid rubber bands when tying hair
Hair ties can cause hair damage because it can cause knots on the hair which makes it very hard to remove and often causes the hair to break when you pull too hard.

Use strengthening hair products
I re-discovered the classic Vitress Cuticle Coat when I received the Salad Box – Vitress x Kolours  subscription box – Love Locks edition earlier this month. I used Vitress when I was still in college! Helped me tame my unmanageable hair and now I use it on my daughter’s hair everyday after shower. It does wonders in making her hair soft and easy to manage! Inserting this in our morning routine has definitely cut our school prep time into half! Woot!

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours

Healthy diet
To keep your kids’ hair healthy, nothing beats a healthy diet of course and I do my best to feed my kids food that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Less junk food and more green leafy vegetables. Other foods that are good for  the hair are:

  • Eggs – rich in biotin which helps improve the keratin infrastructure. Keratin is the basic protein that makes up our hair, nails and skin.
  • Beef/nuts and seeds – because they are rich in zinc which helps in tissue growth and repair.
  • Food that are rich in Iron – because lack of iron can affect the hair growth cycle which can lead to hair fall.

Aside from these tips, I also teach her to gently brush her hair nightly to massage her scalp but I haven’t had much luck on this one. She doesn’t even like it when people touch her hair a lot so for now we rely on oils and the Vitress Cuticle Coat to keep the tangles away.

What other tips can you give me? Make sure to share them in the comments!


Aside from the Classic Vitress Cuticle Coat, in the box were 5 other Vitress hair care products including the Solenn Cuticle Coat which is a special edition designed and co-created by none other than Solenn Heusaff. This is one of my favorites because it’s great in transforming dry and dull hair. This one’s mine by the way. 😉

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours

The Love Locks Vitress & Kolours edition also came with this Dual Hair Conditioning Hair Color in Thai Tamarind. This one is mine, too! I can’t wait to use this to cover my gray hairs! LOL It also comes in Balinese Brown and Shanghai Mahogany shades which are all perfect for Asian hair.

Hair Care Tips for Children -Salad Box - Votress Kolours

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  1. My youngest has a ton of hair, very thick and I fully like your girl’s hair. So most definitely want to check this kit out for her. Seriously anything that can help is a plus in my book!! 😉

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