How to Surprise your Husband on Valentine’s Day

How to Surprise your Husband on Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I can just imagine the number of wives (I have both hands up!) who are wishing for a romantic date with their dear husbands on hearts day. Yes, a date. You know, a romantic engagement or appointment. Usually with the apple of our eyes, just in case you have already forgotten what a date is. And just to make sure, the romantic holiday is on February 14th, in case you have forgotten that, too.

Did you know that during this season, men all over the world sweat more? They become fidgety and restless as the 14th approaches. Do you want to know why? Women. That’s why. They want to please their woman more on this day because, hello? #HappyWifeHappyLife!

They go to great lengths looking for that perfect gift, the perfect restaurant and they rack their brains out just to come up with super silly stuff that will make us smile like blushing brides.

I’d love to be whisked off to a date on Valentine’s Day. I’d like flowers and chocolates and star gazing and I’d like a couple of beers too. But it doesn’t always happen because, you know. Kids. Work. Money. And 1 million lame reasons.

But here’s what I  think we ladies can do. We can take charge of Valentine’s Day. Yes. Instead of sitting at home and wondering what our dear husbands have in store for us, why not plan the romantic date ourselves?

Here’s my game plan. Let me know if you’re with me on this one.

How to Surprise your Husband on Valentine’s Day.

Fool proof plan - How to Surprise your Husband on Valentine’s Day

  1. Take a shower in the morning. Call your office and tell them you can’t go to work because you have a headache.
  2. Call the husband and tell him to cancel any reservation he might have already made. He most likely have forgotten to book anything anyway.
  3. Let the kids run amok from sun up to sun down.
  4. Clean the house (or one part of the house).
  5. Make dinner for the kids and tell them they need to eat earlier than usual because you have a headache.
  6. Send the kids to bed and pray that all the ruckus they made throughout the day has worn them out and they go to sleep right away.
  7. Set a table up in the least messy part of the house (refer to #4) and light candles (so the rest of the mess can go hide in the shadow).
  8. Call a local diner and order food for two and tell them to hurry up because you have a headache.
  9. Take a shower again. After all that cleaning and kid-chasing you will want to take a shower again. Trust me. I know stuff.
  10. Slip on a sexy evening dress.
  11. Remove the said dress because you forgot to shave your armpits. Shave the said armpits.
  12. Slip on a different evening dress.
  13. Tease your hair and just let it fall down because there’s no more time for a romantic updo.
  14. The doorbell rings. Open it dramatically and say “Hello there young man. How do I look?” If the delivery guy tells you that you look great, give him a tip. If he looks like he just saw a ghost, grab the food, hand him the exact amount and slam the door on his face.
  15. Set the food on the table, grab a beer and relax on the couch.
  16. The husband comes in, smile provocatively and say “Do you want to have a headache tomorrow?” and point to a case of beer (or wine!) swimming in a washing machine full of ice.

February 15th is a Thursday so make sure you call off from work so you don’t have to get up early.

Then you remember the kids.

Good luck with the headache.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day! ♥


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  1. that was cute! I once did something similar. I fed the kids early, put them to bed, and we had an upstairs deck and I bought a small grill, I grilled two steaks, and we sat on the floor with a candle lit coffee table and had a romantic dinner overlooking our view from our home, it was so much fun. My birthday is three days before Valentine’s Day, so it has always been one or the other… not both…. on occasion it has but for the most part, Valentine’s Day is very low keyed for us.

  2. “Send the kids to bed and pray that all the ruckus they made throughout the day has worn them out and they go to sleep right away.”

    I get so tired, I pray for this every night. Haha! Fun post! 😀

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