Improve the Appearance of Your C Section Scar

Improve the Appearance of your C Section Scar

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I am a C-Section mom and a proud one at that. I have no qualms about my scar and have no regrets giving birth to both my kids via Cesarean Section.

But let me be honest here, there are days when I wish my c-section scar wasn’t too long! Or bumpy! LOL

I delivered my son via an emergency CS due to Oligohydramnios and had a classical vertical uterine incision. The incision starts at about 2 inches below my navel which was fine with me because it’s not like I had a choice, right? I was knocked out and I’m pretty sure the OB wouldn’t have listened to me if I gave instructions regarding the length of my scar had I been awake. 😉

Then I got pregnant with the little girl and was told later on that I needed to give birth via CS again due to Placenta Previa Totalis. I wasn’t scared at all that I had to go under the knife again, my main concern was “what if they make a horizontal uterine incision this time? I’m gonna have a cross-shaped scar on my belly!” :p

Kidding aside, they just cut along the line of my previous scar but unfortunately, my scar became longer with the new one. It’s now up to about an inch below my navel!

It is also raised and itches sometimes. It has been a while since I gave birth so I’ve given up hope about it looking better but when I heard that there’s Clearscar Scar Gel that can improve the appearance of scars in as little as 8 weeks, I got excited!

Improve the Appearance of your C Section Scar

I am not expecting miracles since it has been six years since I gave birth but it is said that it can improve the appearance of all types of scars most especially the elevated scars such as Hypertrophic scars and Keloids which I believe are what I have plus, it can lighten, flatten, and soften mature scars! Heaven sent! I cannot wait to start using the Clearascar Scar Gel and will definitely let you know about the result!

Improve the Appearance of your C Section Scar

Below is the press release from Clearscar and if you are like me who is wishing for a less noticeable c-section scar, I hope you too will find this useful.

Clearscar is 100% silicone, clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars is as little as 8 weeks.

Advances in technology have thankfully made it possible for scars to be removed with little to no trace.  However, the best scar treatments available could be prohibitively expensive and would require a visit to a surgical clinic.

Don’t worry, now there’s Clearascar Scar Gel! The product contains 100% silicone, clinically proven effective in lightening, softening, and flattening the appearance of scars in as little as 8 weeks with twice (2x) a day application.  It can be used on all types of scars caused by burns, cuts, surgeries, injuries, etc. and works best on elevated ones such as Hypertrophic scars and Keloids.   Hypertrophic are the red and raised scars usually caused by burns, surgeries, injuries, and wounds.  According to the update on Scar Management Guidelines for Treating Asian Patients, “Silicone Gel and Topical Silicone therapy will most likely continue to be the preferred first line treatment for hypertrophic scars due to its availability, price, ease of application, lack of serious adverse effects and relative efficacy.”

Most visible results can be seen once Clearascar is applied on immature scars the earliest possible time.

Try Clearascar now!  Order online:

Also available in all leading drugstores nationwide for as low as Php 418.95 (6g tube) and Php 761.20 (15g tube) based on SRP.

For more information, you can also visit their Website and Facebook page.

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  1. I recently learned from my OB that my vertical CS scar was just for the skin, they performed a low vertical incision inside to remove the baby. All along I thought vertical lahat, di pala!

    Anyway, I need this, even if I have no plans of wearing a two-piece bikini in the future. LOL!

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