Induction vs Gas Stove- Choosing the Right Stove for Your Home

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I was going back and forth thinking about induction vs gas stove for months before I finally made the decision to switch. I had to make a choice because after years of service, my gas stove has finally arrived its final stage but before going out to get a new one, I wanted to check out what my options were.

And by options, I mean I want more bang for my buck.

I have to admit, despite my curiosity, I have never used an induction stove in the past because while growing up, I was taught to cook using either charcoal/firewood or gas stoves so I had hesitations about switching.

Induction vs Gas Stove- Choosing the Right Stove for Your home - Firewood
I shit you not, I have something like this at home.

However, after reading several articles and asking for feedback from friends who are currently using (and loving it!) induction stoves, I decided to make the switch.

It just so happened that luck was on my side because when I attended the Electrolux Create a Healthy Home event last month, all bloggers present were each given an Electrolux Portable Induction Cooker! Woot!

Isn’t she a beauty?

Some details about the Electrolux Portable Induction Cooker

  • 180 min timer allows long hour simmering or stewing
  • Pot detection sensor switches off when no pot is in place
  • Auto cut off and child lock for added safety
  • High Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Intuitive Touch Control SettingElectrolux Portable Induction Stove - Induction vs Gas Stove

I am so happy with my induction cooker!

If you are still undecided about switching to induction stoves, I’ll try to make the decision easy to make for you by listing down what I gathered from my research before I made the switch.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, below are opinions of a mother who’s just trying to find the most efficient and affordable way to feed her family. 😉 If you are unsure about the safety side of using induction cookers in your home, please seek professional advise.

Induction vs Gas Stove - Choosing the Right Stove for Your home


Based on the information I got from fellow mothers who are currently using induction cookers, they mentioned that the increase in their electricity usage is not at all significant, meaning there was no giant leap on their electric bill. I was so relieved to hear this because the main purpose why I wanted to switch was to save money! With my gas stove, I buy an 11kg LPG tank every 2 months which costs around 700-900 bucks. If it means shaving off at least half of this cost by switching, I’m sold!

To confirm this, I tried to read as many articles as I can that support their claims ravings and this article best explains why induction is more efficient (which can result to savings!) when it comes to cooking.  Induction stove helps you save energy because it cuts the cooking time. As noted in the article linked above, it will take around 8 minutes to boil 1 qt of water on gas while if using an induction cooker, it will take around just 5 minutes. This is because induction cooker is more efficient in transferring heat thus cutting cooking time while consuming less energy.


Induction cookers are safer to use especially if you have kids in the house because the surface stays cool even if you accidentally touch the surface. The burners also turns off automatically as soon as the cookware or pot is removed. Talk about energy saving aside from being safe, huh? I’m more than sold!

With my LPG gas stove, I am always on the edge. I double check everyday if the tank and the stove are properly turned off, and whenever I smell something burning or rubbery, I panic thinking that we’re having a leak. I also do not allow my kids to help me near the stove because of the many reports that I’ve seen on TV regarding gas stoves exploding. Paranoid? Yes. Very much.

Please note that gas stoves here in the Philippines are not like in the US where they get their supply of piped gas from a local gas company (installation is usually done by them, too). Here, you buy the stove plus the tanked liquefied petroleum gas which needs to be refilled at the gas station as needed. Installations are also done usually by family members. So, in many households here in the Philippines, the tank sits close to the stove or in the case of large gas ranges, inside the designated compartment of the appliance. INSIDE THE HOUSE. See where my paranoia is coming from?

If switching can help me make my house safer (and my heart calmer), YES PLEASE, thank you very much.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Have you seen the latest induction stove models? I mean, take a look at this Electrolux Cooking Range with Induction Cooktop & Electric Oven.

Induction vs Gas Stoves- The Electrolux Cooking Range with Induction Cooktop & Electric Oven


Sleek and BEAUTIFUL! I live for the day when I can finally afford to get one. LOL And its smooth surface makes it so easy to clean! Try cleaning a gas stove after a cooking up a storm! It will  test your patience! And it also accumulates gunk around the burner and I dare not poke it with things to clean it out because again, paranoid.

Good Food
When using an induction cooker, the heat is only on the bottom surface of the pan which results to even cooking. Aside from being cheap, this feature really made the decision easy for me to make. In my entire marriage life, I have owned two gas stoves and both started emitting uneven fire after just a couple of years of usage. I just continued using them because I find it impractical to buy a new one but this also meant eating burnt food often! LOL

These points alone have sold me out. I go for induction stoves but if you are still undecided, this article listed down the pros and cons of induction cook tops.

Below are what fellow moms and household managers have to say about their experiences with induction stoves. The best people to ask advise from are the people who are actually using it, right?

“Currently I have induction cooker which I won from a xmas party in 2012.. I am using it as an alternative, mostly when I am making tipid.. I love it because, hindi nman mahal sa kuryente, 2nd mabilis magluto ng meat..and 3rd.. Safe.. Just my thoughts…” – Jocris of JocrisWorld

“I have switched from our gas range to induction cooker since 2014. The reason is safety and I hate it when it’s time to buy LPG and it was really expensive. With the induction, I never felt that our electric bill increased because of it.” – Renz of PinayMomPreneur

“Switched to induction in 2013. It’s energy efficient than other electric cookers so it means less time for cooking, safer than LPG and safer for kids when you need to teach them how to cook.” Que of The Filipino Homeschooler

“Induction stove user for 2 years. It’s easy to clean, shortens average cooking time and it uses less energy. Plus, I don’t have to worry about buying LPG – I can cook anytime I want (we have a generator at home).”  – Alaine of Migs & Alaine

“Switched to induction in 2016 and loving it. It’s safer — I no longer have to be paranoid about our gasul exploding. And it’s more convenient. I don’t have to order gasul and have some stranger carry it inside our home. Plus, it’s better on the pocket. I can barely feel the consumption. In fact, parang wala.” – May of Fully Housewifed

So there! I hope this post will help you in making your decision whether to switch to induction or not. It’s all about what works for YOU and your family. 🙂

Interested in getting one? You can find inductions stoves on Lazada.

For my US readers, you can check them out over here.

Thoughts? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I need to start considering induction stoves as well. Especially now that my stove for 10 years is showing wear and tear, well, lots of it now.

  2. We still have a gas stove here, but I do keep hearing more and more about induction stoves. May have to check them out when we are in the market for a new stove. Thanks for sharing all about it here 😉

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