Ipon Challenge 2018 – Flexible Money Saving Challenge for Families

Ipon Challenge 2018 - Flexible Money Saving Challenge

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Is the Ipon Challenge 2018 for you?

My husband and I are really doing our best in teaching the kids how to handle finances and in the effort to supplement what we have already taught them, we decided to take the Ipon Challenge 2018 (money saving challenge) authored by the Peso Sense.

Unlike the other money saving challenges floating around where there’s a specific amount and schedule that you need to follow, the Ipon Challenge 2018 has more flexibility, allowing us to save what we can afford for the week. With the monthly budget that we’re working with, this I feel is the best money saving option for us.

It’s so easy to use, all you have to do is to get a piggy bank, download and print the template and you’re good to shade and save!

Or better yet, get the Peso Sense Coin Bank so you don’t have to print anything!

Peso Sense Challenge Coin Bank

You can check the price here.

Here’s the template of the ipon challenge shading sheet.

Shade and Save Money Challenge - Ipon Challenge 2018
Ipon Challenge Shading Sheet

Although there is no specific amount or schedule that you need to save and follow, you have to remember that the goal is to save and shade the target number of coins and bills by the end of the year.

You can start with the coins or with the bills, you can save daily or weekly, everything is totally up to you!

If you complete the challenge, you will end up with fifty-three thousand bucks by the end of the year!

That’s not bad at all! As a matter of fact, even if you are able to save up just half of that amount, you will still end up with extra cash by December. Win-win!

It was actually my husband who found out about the challenge online and he came home one day with a print-out. After discussing our goal to the kids (who were actually quite excited!) we then moved their money from their old piggy bank to the new one then we started shading and saving!

The 12-year-old has been more thrifty since we started the challenge, there are days when he wouldn’t even spend a single centavo from his allowance just so he could add something to our piggy bank!

The 6-year-old on the other hand, keeps on forgetting to shade each time she drops a coin but that’s alright, I wouldn’t mind going over our goal!

My husband and I empty our pockets each day when we get home to shade and save. It has become a habit!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we complete the challenge by the end of 2018!

Ready to shade and save along with us?

Get the PRINTABLE IPON CHALLENGE PDF HERE -> Money Saving Printable Chart (Shade and Save) by Peso Sense

Shade and Save Money Challenge - Ipon Challenge 2018

How about you? Are you taking a money saving challenge this year? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. I saw Mommy Pehpot’s Money Saving Challenge and decided to follow it. It’s doable for me. This one may not work for me for the reason that I seldom have thousand pesos left in my hand after I divide the money among our expenses and payables, hahaha. Pang barya lang ang beauty ko.

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