Is Acne Hurting your Teen’s Self Esteem? – Skin Care Routine for Teens

Skin Care Routine for Teens - Is Acne Hurting your Teen's Self Esteem

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My son is turning 13 years old next month and has been suffering from pimples and acne since he turned 12. We have tried so many anti acne creams, cleansers and skin care products found in the market but none of them worked for my son and I’ve seen how this has affected this self-esteem.

Teenage years can be hard for our kids with all the changes that they go through (hormonal and physical) during this phase. Plus, this is also when they start to become very aware of how others see them as a person and severe acne and pimples can greatly affect their self-esteem!

As a mom, I knew I had to step in and help.

Skin Care Routine for Teens to Manage Acne and Pimples

The first thing that we did was to establish a morning and evening skin care routine. You know how boys can be, right?

Guiding them in building a habit of cleaning their face everyday can be a drag but trust me, unless they learn how to properly clean their face, very little can be done! As a matter of fact, when left alone, the skin condition can get worse.

I won an Ayana Beauty Basics Acne Set during the raffle at the BrainFit Morning With Moms event and I’m so happy I did because I did not know about Ayana before I won the prize.

The set contained a cleansing soap, a day toner, day gel, night toner and a night gel. Since I do not have acne (Hallelujah!) I gave it to my son and we established a routine using these products.

Skin Care Routine for Teens - Ayana Beauty Basics Acne Treatment

Morning Habit – He uses the cleansing soap to wash his face during shower every morning then he applies the toner for additional cleansing then the day gel on the affected areas before he heads out for school.

Evening Routine – He does the same thing in the evening before heading to bed but using the night toner and the night gel.

It does not take him more than 5 minutes  each time to do all these and the best part? It works.

Ayana has done wonders for his skin! His pimples and acne have cleared up and I can actually see that he is no longer overly conscious about his face. He used to cover it with handkerchief a lot whenever we go out and that was tearing my heart apart! I’m thankful that I discovered this brand.

And just so you know, this is not a sponsored post nor am I affiliated with them but I decided to share my son’s experience using their products because they work!

I am not entirely sure if they ship worldwide but if you are from Cebu then you are in luck because this is a home-grown company. You can inquire about their products via their Facebook page.

Acne Spot Treatment for Teens

Once in a while, a wild pimple still pops up and the only product that helps my son get rid of those pesky flareups quickly is the ProActive Emergency Blemish Relief. 

Skin Care Routine for Teens - Proactiv® Emergency Blemish Relief

An office mate gave this to me and I’m so thankful that she did (Thank you, M!) because this has been heaven-sent in stopping those persistent zits!

My son applies it only on the affected area for spot treatment and because it contains a double dose of microcrystal benzoyl peroxide which helps penetrate the pores to target acne-causing bacteria, it clears up the blemishes in no time.

Aside from the link above, you can also get it from Amazon.

Combating Acne from Within

One thing that I believe is that any health issue should be combated from within. You should watch what you eat and eat more of the good things.

Skin Care Routine for Teens - Omega 3

We have added Omega-3 into his diet and I think this is one of the reasons why his skin blemishes cleared up so quickly. Study shows that taking omega 3 (fish oil) can reduce inflammatory acne! You can find so many articles around this topic online if you want to check it out.

Both my 6-year-old daughter and my son are taking this Omega- 3 in chewable orange flavored softgel capsules because we are sure that its EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acid are sourced from ultra-pure fish oil using good traditional practices then went through molecular distillation process to ensure high quality.

You can get them here using my code LoveJhanis

*No approved therapeutic claims

Just to show you the difference on his skin, here’s a before and after photos.

Skin Care Routine for Teens - Before and After Photos
One week after starting the routine vs after 3 weeks

Please note that the “before” photo above was actually taken 1 week AFTER we started this routine. It never crossed my mind to take an actual “before” photo because I wasn’t expecting a lot.

I only realized that we hit a jackpot when we saw the difference on his skin after a week of him using these products and that’s when I took the “before” photo.

It has been a month since we started and his skin looks so much better now!

I’ll update this with a most recent photo as soon as my son allows me to take a photo again! Hahaha!

Skin Care Routine for Teens

I’m confident in saying that although acne is incurable nor can be prevented, we have found a treatment that works effectively.

How about you? Do you have other suggestions and advice? Share them with me in the comments!

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  1. The before and after photos are amazing. And honestly these products look like they are truly meant to help with teen acne, which I am glad to hear there is a product out there to indeed help with this condition.

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