Keeping School Children Healthy this Rainy Season

Keeping School Children Healthy this Rainy Season - Tips for Busy Moms

As a working mom who is always on a budget, one of the things that I highly prioritize and never scrimp on is my children’s health because we all know how expensive getting sick can be. Keeping school children healthy this rainy season can be challenging, but I do my best to keep my kids fit and healthy because I don’t want them to miss the lessons at school and feel down because they are sick.

Despite the many things that I have to do on a daily basis, my kids’ health ranks number one on my list. Even if I am at work, I still think about my children at school! I worry about them not eating properly during lunch time, or if they remembered to wash their hands, or about them possibly catching a cold especially that our weather can be so crazy sometimes. Being a mom for over 13 years now, I have found ways and means to protect my kids from catching the bug even if I am not there to watch over them 24 hours of the day.

My biggest worry in the past has been my daughter because she has asthma and is very susceptible to cough and colds.

Here are some of the things that I do to protect my daughter during the rainy season.

I make sure that she eats healthy at home. My daughter is a picky eater so I would mince vegetables and mix them in burger patties or Lumpia. I even add minced carrots on her spaghetti! I also give her fruits that are high in vitamin C like orange and mango.

She also has an umbrella and a coat in her bag regardless of the weather because there are those days when it’s sunny in the morning then we get a downpour in the afternoon! It pays to be ready!

She also keeps a hand soap, an alcohol, and antibacterial wipes in her hygiene bag at school so she can wash and clean her hands before and after eating.

And of course, to help her stay healthy, I give her proper and nutritious food every day. To help strengthen her immune system, I make sure to give her milk that’s packed with nutrients to support her growth. I have found a partner in Nido 5+ Advanced Protectus in keeping my little girl active and strong day in and out. What I love about Nido 5+ is that it has Lactobacillus Protectus that helps support her respiratory tract. And this is something that’s very important for me.

Keeping School Children Healthy this Rainy Season - Nido Advanced Protectus

My husband and I have totally different work schedules, and life can get so crazy sometimes, but no matter how hectic our day can be, I always make sure that my daughter gets her power up with a glass of Nido 5+ before I take her to school for another busy day ahead. On weekends, I come up with different ways to make drinking milk fun for her.

Keeping School Children Healthy this Rainy Season - Early morning habit

Keeping School Children Healthy this Rainy Season - Love that protects

Balancing work and motherhood has taught me to value those quality moments that I get to spend with my kids. I used to feel guilty all the time about not being there for them 24/7 but I have come to realize that teaching them how to be independent in doing things on their own is best for them. That’s how they will grow to be productive and self-reliant individuals. I just make sure that I give them #LoveThatProtects so they are ready to go after their interests and dreams.

Keeping School Children Healthy this Rainy Season

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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      1. Well, I’m not the only one who likes the taste of Nido. I’m lactose-intolerant, but I take a sip of his milk before giving it to him and I like the taste haha

  1. What great suggestions. Honestly we all made it through the long winter here. And sadly I got sick at the beginning of the summer myself. I am finally starting to feel better and just trying to keep us all healthy now. So appreciate the advice 🙂

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