Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids!

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Whoever thought that a mother would have to think of ways to make drinking milk fun for the kids? Who doesn’t love milk? Uhmm, my children, apparently.

If you have kids like mine who have developed a strong aversion to anything not chocolate, milk time can be a test of patience. My kids would prefer chocolate malt drinks anytime and whenever I serve them regular milk, they either say no or they don’t finish it.

I’m okay with them taking chocolate malt drinks but you know what happens to kids who ingest too much chocolate, right? They become gremlins. Freaking noisy and bouncing gremlins. LOL So what does a doting mother do? I come up with different ways to make drinking milk fun for them because we know how important milk is in their diet especially that they are still in their growing years.

Other than chocolate drinks they also like fruit juices and soda which makes me question my parenting skills sometimes. Why did I introduce them to soda?!


Never mind.

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids - Nestle Products Lazada

*post contains affiliate links

I received a package from Lazada a couple of weeks ago filled with Nestlé products which made this momma ecstatic because, MILK! And I didn’t know that you could purchase milk through them so I was happy to find out about it because buying in bulk totally helps you save money plus Lazada offers great discounts and promos from time to time that brings the prices so much lower compared to supermarkets!

We use powdered milk at home instead of fresh milk because for me it’s more practical when it comes shelf-life and dry milk is considerably cheaper where we live compared to fresh milk.

So, going back to kids not drinking milk. Below are some fun and easy ways to make kids love milk again. It doesn’t really matter if you use fresh or dry milk at  home because the ideas below are applicable to both!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids - The Missus V

Add milk to fruit shakes and smoothies. 

My kids love fruit shakes and smoothies! Especially now that we are in the middle of a scorching summer, adding milk to their favorite fruit shakes makes it so much easier to make them drink milk!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids - Smoothies

Use it on their favorite cereal!

I just fix their milk and pour it on their favorite cereal and they eat everything without complaints. Score!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids - Cereal

Incorporate it in their favorite desserts

One of my kids favorite desserts is polvoron and adding milk to it makes me feel less guilty about feeding my kids sugary treats! 😉 I had polvoron recipes posted on my old blog but since it went down, the recipes died with it. But don’t worry, I”ll be re-posting them on my food blog soon!

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids - Polvoron

Milk slushy!

I can’t think of anything easier than milk slushies. Just fix their milk in a glass, pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours, blend it to break the ice and serve! You can also throw slices of their favorite fruits in there. If you are feeling lazy, just give it to them frozen and hand them a spoon and voila, healthy drink and entertainment all in one. They will have fun digging into it and you are assured of a few minutes of peace. Trust me, I know stuff.

Make Drinking Milk Fun for the Kids - Milk Slushy

Totally winning this game. 😉

How do you make drinking milk fun for the kids? Share them with me in the comments!

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