Making the Most out of Summer- #FamFirstAtSM

Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

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Summer can be especially hard for working moms.

For me? This is when the guilt goes on overdrive because you want them to have the best summer ever but you have to go to work because there are bills to pay, and people at home do not stop eating just because it’s summer.

At home, I am mommy, household manager, school projects reminder, advocate of regular brushing of teeth and financial adviser to small children.

At work, I am a communication trainer, coach and all time encourager.

Both roles allow me to be the “nurturer” that I am and needless to say, I love fulfilling both and I do not take any of them lightly. I always give my best.

However, there are times when no matter how hard you try, there are days when you feel like you are not enough especially when it comes to being a mom.

Your mind is never at ease .

Am I spending enough time with them?

The question is especially glaring during summer vacation because while I stand in front of my trainees at work, my mind always finds its way back to the kids at home and you wish you were with them frolicking on the beach somewhere on a faraway island. But instead, they are holed up in your small apartment waiting for the weekend so you guys can have fun wherever and whatever yo can afford.

It can take a toll in a mother’s heart.

Sure does.

If you have ever felt the same way or if you are mom going through this, please hear me out.

I’ve gone through 12 summers as a mother and here’s what I learned. If you are already doing your darnedest best, you are doing enough.

Here’s what I do when the mommy guilt strikes.

I remind myself of my own childhood summers. Most of the happiest memories I have involve, guess what? My family. I do not remember hotels or resorts or expensive trips. What I remember are the laughter my cousins and I shared. Chances are, this is what your kids will remember, too. So, do not sweat it. Cut yourself some slack. The kids will be fine.

Do what you can, whenever you can and what ever you can afford. What do I do? I take the kids to nearby places that offer fun family activities like parks and malls.

My family and I love going to SM Supermalls because they have lots of activities for the family. Most of them are free and some for a minimum purchase only. We have joined The Princess Academy and several other fun activities they had in the past.

One of my happiest SM MOMENT with my family during this summer break was when my daughter and I joined the National Super Moms Day at SM City Cebu. This gave me and my daughter the chance to have quality time doing what she loves best. Art work!

Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

We spent the afternoon decorating a shirt from Island Souvenirs for Mother’s Day. Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

My daughter truly enjoyed the afternoon and would not let me help at all! LOL. All I did was put the glue and my husband took our photos. This was 100% her design. Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

I love that I was able to give her my undivided attention while she was busy planning her design for the shirt until she proudly showed me her finished product.

Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

This goofy kid was mighty proud of her job.

Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

Of course I was prouder.

I wore her creation right away and we had fun at the photo booth. Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

Move over Vera Wang, beside me is the next best fashion designer this world will ever see! 😉

Making the Most out of Summer #FamFirstAtSM

This was an activity that I know we will remember for a very long time. A true Super Summer At SM.

It’s always Family First at SM which is why my family and I love spending weekends over there. As a mom, I love that they are an advocate of breastfeeding by providing safe and clean areas for nursing moms, they also have infant seats available in their restrooms and they also go out of their way to ensure that PWD, elderly and pregnant women are provided care and assistance when needed. Aside from these, they truly are a family desitination with their many mall activities that’s centered around the Filipino family.

My daughter still can’t stop talking about that afternoon. She would ask to see the pictures every now and then and would proudly tell me “I made it really nice, didn’t I? Let’s do that again, okay mommy?”

So you see? Summer doesn’t have to cost a lot. It doesn’t have to be a long summer vacation trip to the Bahamas. We do what can, whenever we can and however we can. As long as the family is together? It will always be the best summer ever. 😉

For more updates about SM Supermalls’ fun family activities and events, visit and follow its official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber and Snapchat. You may share your Super Summer moments inside the SM Supermalls by posting your photos on social media and adding the hashtag #SuperSummerAtSM2017.

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  1. Aw, love the shirt you guys created. It is absolutely perfect. Also, the pics of you and your girl are gorgeous. Seriously, you too are just beautiful together!! 🙂

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