Merida Brave Costume for Kids

Merida Brave Costume for Kids

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My daughter loves her Merida Brave Costume so much that she has worn it multiple times already. Unfortunately, it does not fit her anymore so she had to settle for other costumes the past couple of Halloweens. Luckily for her, she has a mother and a grandma who loves to give in to her whims when it comes to costumes!

Since it’s almost Halloween, I have decided to share her favorite costume of all time again (I shared it before on my now defunct Vanilla Housewife blog) because I know that there are lots of little girls who love Merida! Personally, she is my favorite princess too. I mean, what’s not to love about her? She’s gutsy, confident and knows what she wants! Uhmm a lot like my daughter, actually.

Here she is! So excited for her Brave Merida costume! We were on our way to the office where an awesome Halloween Party was waiting, we also dropped by her dad’s office for more treats. She was so excited and was totally in character!

Merida Brave Costume for Kids - Front View

Here’s the back view of her Merida Halloween costume. Putting this blog post together is making me miss my little girl! She was 3 years old when she had this costume. She’s six now and the Merida dress doesn’t fit her anymore but the spunkiness is definitely still there! LOL If  your daughter loves Merida too, there are so many Brave costumes available online!Merida Brave Costume for Kids - Back View

Click here to see Merida Costumes on Amazon!

My daughter has a brown and naturally curly hair and to get Merida’s red hair, I just bought a temporary hair spray color to make it look just like Merida’s. She loved it! After the party, the color easily came off with water and shampoo.

Merida Brave Costume for Kids - Orange Hair

And because her hair wasn’t as long then as it is now, we used a hair extension which I also sprayed with the orange hair spray. She was so excited when I finished fixing her hair!

If you are not comfortable using hair spray, there are a lot of Merida wigs online!

Merida Brave Costume for Kids - Hair Extension

Click here to see Merida Wigs!

For her bow and arrows, I bought a cheap plastic set from a local shop and because they came in blue and red, I used black nail polish to make it look like dark wood. Took me a looooong time to finish painting over everything! LOL

I just glued brown paper cut-outs for the fletching. For the quiver, that’s just a toilet paper roll which I slipped into a brown sleeve which I cut off from an old jacket. Clever, huh?
Merida Brave Costume - Bow and Arrow

Click here to find Merida Bow and Arrow sets!

For her shoes, I have to be honest, I didn’t really bother to get one just like Merida’s in the movie, she just wore a regular doll shoes but if you want to go all out,  you can click here to find Merida shoes!

I do my best to ensure that my kids do not grow up spoiled rotten or feeling entitled but if there’s one thing that I love, it’s giving them Halloween costumes that THEY like wearing. And it also helps that I have  mother who helps me create lovely costumes for them.

I’m just a little sad though because my 12 year-old son has gone past the costume and Halloween trick or treating stage and simply refuses to go out in costumes anymore. Why I’m sad about it? There’s less candy coming in from trick or treating which equates to less tax candy for mom! LOL

I guess I’ll just enjoy the number of Halloweens we have left before my daughter losses interest too. Until then, I will totally be THAT kind of mom every Halloween. 🙂

How about you? Do you enjoy dressing up your kids during Halloween?

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