Mom Code – Text Abbreviations for Moms

Mom Code – Text Abbreviations for Moms

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You know how hard it is for us moms to keep up and connect with our BFFs outside our child-infested houses, right? What with running after kids, housework and the endless meals, we all resort to Facebook, Twitter or text messaging (hurriedly, if I may say so) just to be able to catch up with each other. And sometimes we even forget to respond because damn kids just won’t stop whining/crying/asking to be fed! Well, worry no more, I have come up with easy to memorize mom codes to help us get our messages across with the least number of taps (so we can go back to running after our naked toddlers). Enjoy!

CEO: Child Emitting Orifice
: In My Humble Mommy Opinion.
CT: Cant Talk.
HIB: Husband Is Back.
KAS: Kids Are Sleeping.
HIS: Husband Is Snoring.
AYDY: Are You Drunk Yet?.
ASL: Accidentally Spilled Liquor.
AFK: Away From Kids.
AFC: Away From Children.
CRY: Child Rearing, You?.
BWP: Busy With Pinterest.
ATM: At The Mall.
TLC: Totally Lost the Children!
FTC: Forgot The Cereal.
LMBFO: Laughing My Bodily Fluids Out.
SRY: School Run, You?.
BFF: Breast Feeding Forever.
GMO: Got Mastitis, Ouch!
ATP: At The Park.
FTS: Forgot The Sandwiches.
KP: Kid Pooping.
TGIF: Thank Goodness It was a Fart!
TWF: Totally Wasn’t a Fart.
GTG: Gagging, Too Gross!
HF: Husband Fainted.
KUWTK: Keeping Up With The Kids.
AA: Awake. Again.
HITB: Hiding In The Bathroom.
LQTM: Laughing Quitely To Myself.
FYI: For Your Infant.
FWB: Friends With Babies.
MIA: Mommy In Action.
MYOB: Mind Your Own Baby.
OTP: On The Potty.
OTC: On The Couch.
LOL: Lice! Oh Lord!
KGB: Kids Gone Berserk.
VAT: Very Agitated Toddler.
TIME: Tears In My Eyes.
WTFH: Where’s The F$%#$&$ Handbook?!

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