3 Legitimate Money Making Apps for Moms

3 Legitimate Money Making Apps for Moms

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As a working mom who is trying to make sure that both ends meet at the end of every month, not only do I try to avoid making financial blunders, I also have side-hustles like using money making apps to earn extra cash. I know, I know I am a hardcore member of #MomsWhoHustle. We do what we gotta do! Even the kids are fully on-board with us when it comes to making and saving money!

Talking about making money, here are 3 legitimate apps that I am currently using to earn extra cash. These apps I think are really great for moms since we are usually the decision makers when it comes to household purchases.

Money Making Apps for Moms

1. SnapCart – This is an app that let’s you earn cash-backs from personal purchases by snapping a photo of the receipt and uploading it on the app. I saw a few mommy bloggers in my group talking about SnapSart early last year but I only downloaded the app around December of last year. I totally regret not using the app right away because it is such an easy way to earn cash-backs from your grocery and drugstore purchases.

Cash-back amount depends on how much you spent and your SnapCart level. Here’s  screenshot of cashback values at a bronze level.

3 Legitimate Money Making Apps for Moms-SnapCart Cashback

And here’s how much I was able to save by snapping photos of receipts for 2 months. I know it’s not a lot but hey, it’s not bad for a simple task like taking photos of receipts!

3 Legitimate Money Making Apps for Moms - Cashback Current


You can see  list of SnapCart FAQs here and get the app via the AppStore or Google Play.

2. YouGov – is an online market research company that can help you earn extra money by responding to their surveys. Each survey has corresponding points awarded to you upon successfully completing them.

Most surveys are about household products, brands and general opinion about current events. I receive about 3-5 surveys in a month so it’s not spammy at all.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can then convert your points to cash via PayPal. There’s also the option for your to convert it to airline miles or Unicef donation.

The YouGov App will notify you as soon as a survey becomes available and once you click to start the survey, it will direct you to your mobile browser. You have to respond to the survey as soon as you can because it can close as soon as they have gathered enough responses.

Here’s my last cash-out from YouGov. Their disclaimer says that cash-out takes about a month but I got this in 3 weeks.

Earn Money Answering Surveys

3. Shopstyle Collective – this one is perfect for momfluencers or those who are very active on social media. All you need to do is to share product links on social media and drive traffic to specific retailers.

3 Legitimate Money Making Apps for Moms - ShopStyle Collective

They follow a pay-per-click scheme so you will be compensated for web every visitor you send their way. The pay for every click is low but what I like about SSC is that even if the visitor does not end up buying the product, you still get paid. Unlike with other affiliate programs where no matter how much traffic you can drive, if the visitor ends up not buying anything, you get zero compensation.

How to use the ShopStyle Collective App? I just go through the app to search for products that I m currently using (and loving!) or products that I would love to buy in the future, then I share the links to either IG, Pinterest, Twitter and even here on my blog. You can take a look at how I’m implementing it on my blog here.

Every click equals compensation so you just need to be consistent in sharing.

Just make sure that you follow FTC’s guidelines when sharing these kinds of links by properly branding them as paid links.

You can read more about how to make money with Shopstyle Collective here.

3 Legitimate Money Making Apps for Moms

How about you? What side-hustles keep you busy? Share them with me in the comments!

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  1. I’ve heard of SnapCart and want to try it. There’s also an app that I’m using, Pera Swipe that earns me points that I can use to redeem load or Sodexo GC’s. It’s also in the Play Store. Will try to write about it once I’ve tried redeeming stuff from it. 🙂

  2. i use Snapcart too. And Shopback gives me money rebate. 🙂 Figured I’d put my online shopping and Grab-bing habit to good use by getting some money back.

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