Review – Pink Pig Animal Slippers from

pink pig animal slippers review

I received a pair of pink pig animal slippers from to review and I’m dying! It’s so cute! Now I’m not sure if I should let my daughter (who I ordered it for) keep it or if I should use it myself. Ha!

My 6 year-old daughter is such a big animal lover and has been asking for a cat and a dog for a very long time now. It’s just unfortunate that the apartment that we’re renting does not allow pets except for those that do not roam around or make any noise. Boo!

Believe me when I say that all animals look cute to her. Pigs, lizards, toads, you name it! All of them look beautiful in her eyes. She even asked for a Tarantula last Christmas because according to her, the hairy, scary, and gross looking arachnid is cute. Ewww. Nope. Sorry!

To make up for the lack of pets, we just give her animal toys and plushies to play with, so when contacted me to review one of their animal slippers, I said yes right away!

Review - Pink Pig Animal Slippers from

Just take a look at how adorable they are! And they are pink! What could be more cuter than pink pigs!

Review - Pink Pig Animal Slippers from

When I sent my order, I requested for a pair of pink pig slippers for 6 year-olds but was surprised when the package arrived because they looked bigger than I expected! But because of the thick foam, her piggies fit snugly in them with a little room for growth.

The bottom soles are made of rubber and are non-slip so they are safe to use even if you do not have carpeted floors.

Review - Pink Pig Animal Slippers from

They make the perfect bedroom slippers! I don’t think taking these outside will be a good idea because they can get dirty real quick. These pigs are meant to have pampered lives inside the house.

Review - Pink Pig Animal Slippers from

The plush polyester fibers and the thick foam will keep your little ones’ (and yours!) little piggies warm and toasty, while the durable outer sole and reinforced stitching means these slippers will last a long time.

Review - Pink Pig Animal Slippers from

Perfect for the cold weather we’re having for the past few weeks! have a wide selection of animal slippers from cute to crazy and fun designs. They come in different sizes, too! Ensuring a comfortable fit for every member of your swine. I mean family!

You can take a look at all their fun designs by heading over to They make a perfect Christmas gift!

Thanks BunnySlippers for my daughter’s pink pig slippers!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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