Rainy Day Family Activities – Ideas for Busy Moms!

rainy day activities for the family

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Being a working mom is a blessing but I have to admit that there are days when I feel too swamped with things that I feel guilty about not being able to spend more quality time with my kids. What more now that it’s the rainy season! I am not a fan of running around under the rain so whenever I have free time, I usually search for fun rainy day family activities to make our weekends fun for the kids.

However, we all know how this working mom gig works, right? On our days off from our regular jobs, there are still plenty of chores to be done at home which can mean that mommy can’t spend the entire day playing with them because of the laundry, dishes and all the cleaning up that we still have to do.

Understanding the struggle moms go through to spend quality time with their kids, leading paracetamol brand Calpol shares activities that will brighten the gloomy mood. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to keep things fun and interesting in a short period of time because every minute counts! Something as short as 15 minutes can become meaningful time well spent with their kids.

Best part? These are zero or low-cost activities!

Rainy Day Family Activities that Kids will Love (and perfect for busy moms!)

Be creative together.

Rainy Day Family Activities - PaintingAllow your kids to express their ideas through art. Teach your kids resourcefulness by making use of old materials like piled-up newspapers or used gift wrappers. You might unlock the hidden artist in your child.

Cook heartwarming recipes.

Rainy Day Family Activities - Cook togetherResearch easy-to-do recipes online and create wonders in the kitchen together. Nothing beats warm meals during a storm. This will also teach kids proper nutrition as well as useful life skills.

Play games.

Rainy Day Family Activities - Traditional Play

Introduce your kids to classic pastimes away from their phone or tablet screens. Teach your kid how to play chess, or work on a picture puzzle together. Gather the family for a quick round of Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, Monopoly, or other board games. Build a fort with pillows and blankets and expand their imaginations. One of our favorites is building houses and castles with LEGO. Endless fun for the kids, believe me!

Be one with music.

Rainy Day Family Activities - learn to play ukulele

Learn the latest dance moves or learn how play the ukulele together! Have fun in making your own songs or composing a family hymn. I remember playing Christmas songs with my ukulele when I was a kid that I plan to buy a new one for my own kids soon.

Have storytelling time.

Rainy Day Family Activities - Reading Personalized Books

Visit different worlds and meet new characters through the pages of a book. Take turns with your child mimicking voices and pretending to be heroes or villains off to save the world. One of our favorite books is her personalized Underwater Adventure Book, she loves it a lot because she’s the heroine in the story! We’re hitting two birds with one stone with this activity, we get to bond and we’re working on her reading skills. Win!

Do chores as a family.

Rainy Day Family Activities - House Chores

Turn a chore into a fun activity by injecting it with a challenge. See who can put all the toys or laundry in the basket the fastest, or who can fold the most number of clothes on a time limit. Believe it or not, my daughter loves to help with the dishes and the laundry. She finds them fun to do! No complaints here! Just taking advantage of her enthusiasm about house chores!

While you’re having fun with your child, don’t forget to keep them protected. This season also leaves children vulnerable to cough, colds, and fever. And when kids get sick, your special moments are cut short.

To help moms recover the lost time and missed chance to spend time with their kids, Paracetamol (Calpol) offers fast and efficient fever relief. Its suspension formula starts to work on fever in 15 minutes* (at 15m/kg dosing) and is gentle on your child’s tummy.

Paracetamol (Calpol) invites moms to post on Facebook or Instagram how they make 15 minutes an unforgettable bonding experience with their kids. Nominate and tag another friend to do the challenge and pass on the love, warmth, (and tips!) during this cold and dreary season.

For more information about how to care for your child, check out the Paracetamol (Calpol) FB page at facebook.com/CalpolPH or visit calpol.com.ph.

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Rainy Day Family Activities - Ideas for Busy Moms!

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  1. Aw, all great ideas and just recently also came up with a similar list for my own girls for rainy summer days. One of which was to set up a tent in our living room, which was a huge hit here 🙂

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