Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace for Kids

Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace for Kids

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I have been wanting to give my daughter a sterling silver personalized necklace for a while now and I am finally giving her one on Valentine’s Day thanks to Get Personalized Jewelry!

Valentine’s Day is usually centered around couples, romance and all but it doesn’t mean that you can’t let the little ones in on the fun. This year my daughter is going to receive a sterling silver personalized necklace courtesy of If you have little girls at home, I am pretty sure that they would love to have one too! They have lots of beautiful and timeless pieces that your daughters will enjoy wearing them for years!

Personalized jewelry is becoming a trend these days and I have seen a few of my friends wearing them and they look absolutely fabulous. Now I am not a big fan of wearing jewelry except for my wedding ring. I sometimes wear a pair of earrings on special occasions but that’s pretty much it for me. My daughter on the other hand simply loves jewelry. She would sometimes ask for permission to look at the contents of my jewelry box and loves trying them on! In fact, we had her ear pierced only because she kept bugging us about it until we finally gave in. Some great parents we are, huh? LOL

On the day that she got her ears pierced, I told her that it might hurt and that she had to be sure that she can take the pain. I was actually hoping that she would back out but no siree, she was still up for the challenge. She didn’t even flinch! When we left the shop, I asked her if her ears hurt. Her answer? “Yes it does but let’s not mind it. I like my earrings. I LOVE MY EARRINGS, MOM!” Whose daughter is this?! LOL

So, when reached out to me to check their products out for a review, my daughter came to mind right away so I said yes. And I am glad I did because I love it and I know my daughter will LOVE it too!

I chose the Sterling Silver English Calligraphy Name Necklace because it looks dainty and cute, perfect for my little girl but they have lots of designs and fonts that you can choose from.

sterling silver personalized necklace - ysabelle

GetPersonalizedJewelry specializes in personalized jewelry including sterling silver personalized necklace, nameplate necklaces, initial necklace, infinity jewelry as well as earrings, rings and bracelets.

Product Details:

Material: Sterling Silver 0.925
Thickness: 1.2mm / 0.4″
Measurements: Height: 4 – 18 mm / 0.16″ – 0.7″
Chain style: Rollo Chain
Chain length: 14″,16″,18″,20″,22″

I was so excited when it arrived! It came in a small red box and I was surprised that they also sent a pair of small lip kiss design earrings! This one is mine! Hahaha!

sterling silver personalized necklace - ysabelle

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, a sterling silver personalized necklace would make great and thoughtful gift for your little girls.

What do you think?

Sterling Silver Necklace for Kids

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