Self Care for Busy Moms

Self Care for Busy Moms - Working Mom Tips

My husband and I work full-time, he works at night while I work from 2 pm to 11 pm (most of the time). Between that, two school kids and house chores, we run a pretty tight schedule everyday. I prep the kids and take them to school in the morning and he picks them up […]

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Lucky Charms for Moms from Soufeel Jewelry

Lucky Charms for Moms

I am not superstitious but I won’t say no to lucky charms either! 😉 Aside from the so-called good luck and positive energy that they bring, they are a total eye-candy! I’ve had the chance to review some of the lucky charms from SOUFEEL Jewelry in the past and I was ecstatic when they contacted […]

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