To My Dear and Loving Husband

To My Dear and Loving Husband

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To My Dear and Loving Husband,

I bet it wasn’t easy for you to have become a father so early, when the world was right in front of you for the taking, when life was a party and women and beer were aplenty. The choice between big bosomed women versus dirty diapers can be confusing but you chose to be a father and a good one at that.

I bet it wasn’t easy to have to let go of college and your dreams so you could find a job and support us, even if it meant moving hundreds of miles from your home but you did just so you could be HOME with US even if it also meant you will be eating burnt rice and overcooked pasta from then on, yet you always manage to utter a compliment or two.

I bet it wasn’t easy for you to have to let go of your toys for the big boys but you did just so we could afford to buy remote control trucks and Transformers and Woody and Buzz and millions of balls for our little boy.

I bet it wasn’t easy for you to have to learn how to make ribbons and match which skirt with what shirt whenever you dress the little girl up. You learned how to brush her hair without pulling her scalp off, how to make her stop crying and make her go to sleep when nobody else could, even if it meant you don’t get to sleep at all but you always still have the energy to kiss me good morning.

I bet it wasn’t easy but you did them all and I thank you for being the father of our children, the Santa of our lives, the generous tooth fairy and the energetic playmate all the time.

Thank you and I love you. Your kids adore you and I can see why, you are the best father within 26 thousand light year radius but let’s not have kids anymore, 2 is enough to prove that. We love you beyond the farthest stars.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



*This post was a submission to the Marco Polo Love Letter Writing Contest and originally appeared my now-defunct Vanilla Housewife blog.

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