Yoga for Moms

Yoga for Moms

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I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling lethargic since forever and today was no exception. It has been days of unproductive existence and I am getting tired of feeling tired all the time. The other day, I woke up from an 8 hour sleep (a rare occurrence) and my body still felt like a log. It has happened. I am calcifying. I decided that I really needed a good stretching so I gathered my strength, wriggled my toes, stretched my arms, rolled over to my side and sighed. Time for my yoga for moms…

What are you doing?” asked the Mister V.
Oh my God, what is happening to you? Get up and move!

Tsk. Husbands.

I somehow managed to drag my butt off the bed. Truth be told. I crawled out, zombied into the living room and plopped on a chair. I stared at the Christmas tree and bid Three Kings, my last excuse for not taking the decorations down yet, goodbye. I better come up with a new reason because there is no way I’m taking them down this week. I just wish I didn’t go crazy on the garland. Oh well, Valentines will be more festive in our house.

I sighed for the hundredth time and told myself that I really needed to do something to get out of this slump. People said I need to exercise. Do what? Run? Too much effort. Gym? I don’t like butt hugging clothes. Walk? Can I walk around the park with a beer in hand? Very few options!

Then I remembered somebody  telling me Yoga works great. Yes, I can do yoga, all I need to do is sit on a mat and say ooommmmmm, right? Sure you need to raise one leg up sometimes but I can do that.


So Yoga it is. Downloading a Yoga for Moms app drained the life out of me. I did not know that there were so many types and poses and yada, yada, yada.

After the 24th download, I eventually found one that I liked. Yoga Breathing. Perfect. I even tried it right away.

Inhale, raise your arms and lace your fingers.

Exhale, straighten your arms upward and tuck your chin in.

Inhale and lift your chin up to make it parallel to the floor. Now this part was a little hard to do because I was lying in bed  the whole time.

Yoga in Bed

Tomorrow I shall try the second pose. Yes, tomorrow because all that breathing made me sleepy so I took a nap.

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